Sometimes called a Renaissance man, Will Walters has lived a rather unusual life.

Born in Lakeport California in 1952, he grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the turmoil of the sixties. Will has been a sailor, logger, machinist, mechanic, gold miner, turquoise miner, trader, horseman, alfalfa farmer, card dealer, carpenter, landscaper, firefighter, emergency room technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire and medical dispatcher, Artist, Bead and leather Store owner, Gourmet Coffee Shop owner, Restaurant manager, Tour guide, Ranch Foreman, Stone mason, Reporter, photo journalist, Columnist, Photographer, screen writer, Key grip, locations director, novelist, philosopher and a few other things too!

Will is known for his custom made footwear, handmade gemstone beads, his philosophy on life, his passion for writing, his dedication to teaching in the emergency medical field, his love of a good book or a movie and most importantly for his love of family.

Will is the father of five wonderful children by three interesting women.