We all lose dear ones, treasured partners or relatives, best friends, or  acquaintances. We all bear terrible loss and experience despair, loneliness, for some fear, but the truth is that none of these people are ever gone from our hearts. Hell My Dog Blue and my Palomino Trigger and of course the matched love birds, Lancelot and Guinevere not to mention the people, live still and I still speak with them.  Ed was a brother, married and divorced to Susie. We both now have children by this remarkable woman and it was never a problem. We honored the values we each lived by and taught.  Ed followed the traditions of the Lakota. Danial was a healer, teacher,and a kind man. Fred Kelley who I have known since I was a teenager, an entrepreneur who did quite well in the markets, did the gentleman farmer bit for a few years out in Nevada. I spent a year there sometime in my mid  twenties cutting hay and growing it on two full sections and loved it. Fred was good people. Hakim, my brother who is a very special treasure, teacher, wise man, a damned fool at times, much to his credit, and a man to ride the river with. We discussed the inner workings of life the universe and a well made drum and we answered every question. Hakim was my soul brother in the truest sense of the word. The latest was miss Brandi and I start with her memorial.  Brandi died in my arms in my home on March 30th in 2014 and all the CPR in the world could not and did not save her.Brandi, Trigger and Blue are enjoying each other right now.

I created this artwork in memory of my dear friend Brandi Chamberlain. The framed piece is done on a sheet of 18 guage aluminum. I had this part done. The treasure chest is made of wood and banded in brass. All hand made. The attached pieces are all trinkets from Brandi and tell her story to those that knew her.There is a small vile of Brandi  burned up bits and pieces inside, along with some turquoise and a crystal from me. 

Brandi was by far the kindest human being I have ever known. 

Yesterday I finished the little memorial I have been making for Brandi. It is all hand made. Inside the little treasure chest is a vial with some of her ashes, some of her piercings, some turquoise from me and a small crystal. The box is lined in black. The photos and artwork on the framed piece are done on a sheet of Aluminum. The chest is mounted on the bottom of the frame in such a way that it can be opened to view the contents.

Brandi died in my arms on March 30, 2014. She truly blessed my life.  

She was an atheist an an anarchist and she would have loved this artwork. We could not have been more different in so many ways yet she is the only human being I have ever met that I consider to be my intellectual equal and clearly understood all about focusing intention on bringing joy and only joy one to the other. She held a Masters in Political Science and had run for office in California. We had a blast every single day. Each day was a new adventure and we lived them moment by moment. Two weeks ago I took her remains up to Sedona and let her go in one of the most spectacular places on earth. There were many spirits present and she is now in very good company. I performed the ceremony myself with my Abalone shell, white sage, my pipe stone Medicine pipe and my red tail Hawk feather. This place has seen ceremony by Native tribes for thousands of years. In the ten years I lived there Hopi, Navajo and Lakota all came there. This is where I will go. The first time I took Brandi there she said to me "I have never heard silence". She rides my palomino pony now, Trigger, across those lush fields of wildflowers, crisscrossed with clear cold streams, heading for those far blue mountains. My dog Blue leads the way.
 Bless you darling.

July 2014

Hakim Amin 
brought a calmness and a peace with him that he was able to share with all those he touched.  He was a bright light, intelligent,witty but most of all compassionate. 

was a philosopher and well read. we often found ourselves deep into discussions that no one else could have possibly followed much less understand. We had so much in common in our perspective on the universe and the reality we live in. He was one of a kind. I speak to him still.