A Few years ago I wanted to learn to use power point so I taught myself. In the process I learned to maximize it's features. Just about that time my Daughter Savanna in Australia was having a birthday so Willow, Sofia and I went to the mall and made a "Build a Bear" and I photographed the process. I then made a power
point out of the stills. The only way Savanna was going to be able to see the finished product was to put it up on the web site I had at that time. Well that turned out to mean that it needed to be converted into a different format and then turned into a movie, I learned a great deal from this process and here are some of the "movies I made using that process.  I expect to be adding some real movies in August shot for her first visit to the
 U. S. A.

        Born In The U.S.A.

Sofia Climbs

Valentines Day With Sofia

Renaissance Fair